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Conventional white LEDs are fabricated from a combination of blue emitting diodes and yellow phosphorescent material.
Some of the blue light is absorbed to make yellow light, and some is transmitted.
A precise ration of blue and yellow is required to make a specific white.

YWafer-YB (yellow and blue) was built on the fundamental design of the YWafer-GS transmission measurement mapping where the broad
band transmission source was replaced with a standard blue LED typically used to make the above type of white light emitting diodes.

YB Concept

In order to properly characterize the phosphor emission and light dispersion, multiple angles of measurement are provided.
(typically 45 or 60 degree from normal).
This allows detailed analysis of the color coordinate dispersion across the wafer.


YWafer YB is designed to provide the best reproducibility in wafer to wafer comparison and aims to help phosphor plat
makers attain the uniformity and color target for white LED fabrication.

Both YWafer GS4 and RD8 can be configured for phosphor characterization, but only RD8 can also be configured to measure the phosphor thickness, another important parameter.

Latest News and Events


2024.04.16-17: CS International Conference 2024

Comme visit us in Belgium at the 14th Compound Semiconductor International Conference!

2023.12.10: A new configuration to our work horse YWafer GS4

Since 2006 this model, which covers up to 100x100 mm area measurement for PL, reflectivity, transmission and even curvature measurement has always been available in desktop YWAFER-GS4 (54x54 cm footprint) or full (desk included to support external laser sources) YWAFER-GS4-DESK formats. Now we are proud to be able to offer a compromise between the compact desktop version and the all-included desk version: YWAFER-GS4-ELBASE, which keeps the same extremely compact footprint of the desktop version, but in a stand-alone design wich contains all the electronics and the control PC.

2021.11.20: Thank you for visiting us at CS International 2021

I was a pleasure to give a talk and discuss our research and development here at YSystems with so many experts in the field. For those who could not attend, here is the entirepresentation.
Read more ...

2021.05.26: Start of Sales and Technical Support for DOBOT's Collborative Robots


DOBOT 協働ロボットCRシリーズは、3kg、5kg、10kg、16kgまでのペイロードを持つモデルから選択できるコストパフォーマンスの高い6軸ロボットアームです。簡単にセットアップができて、衝突検知、軌道再現などの機能が充実しています。また、直感的で使いやすく、制御しやすいハンドティーチング機能で人間とロボットの協働作業を安全に行えます。

2020.11.09: CS Live II Presentation

See the pesentation by Dr. Lacroix from our booth at the CS Live II conference in November 2020, entitled "Beyond the PL Mapper".

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