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Conventional white LEDs are fabricated from a combination of blue emitting diodes and yellow phosphorescent material.
Some of the blue light is absorbed to make yellow light, and some is transmitted.
A precise ration of blue and yellow is required to make a specific white.

YWafer-YB (yellow and blue) was built on the fundamental design of the YWafer-GS transmission measurement mapping where the broad
band transmission source was replaced with a standard blue LED typically used to make the above type of white light emitting diodes.

YB Concept

In order to properly characterize the phosphor emission and light dispersion, multiple angles of measurement are provided.
(typically 45 or 60 degree from normal).
This allows detailed analysis of the color coordinate dispersion across the wafer.


YWafer YB is designed to provide the best reproducibility in wafer to wafer comparison and aims to help phosphor plat
makers attain the uniformity and color target for white LED fabrication.

Both YWafer GS4 and RD8 can be configured for phosphor characterization, but only RD8 can also be configured to measure the phosphor thickness, another important parameter.

Latest News and Events

2020.03.29: CS International Conference

Come visit us in Brussels at the CS International Conference!

(Currently postponed due to COVID-19)

2019.02.14: New Wafer Mapping Products Lineup

YWafer2019 brings new products and featues to our already versatile wafer mapping product line YWafer Mapper.

YWAFER-GS3 has now been discontinued as 2 to 3 inch wafer mapping is supported by both our GS4 and RD8 models.  We will consider supplying GS3's only upon special requests or volume orders.  YWAFER-YB products have also merged with the GS and RD series as special configurations of those models.

The current models, separated by mapping area capacity and loading methods is now as follows:

  GS4 RD8 -WL26 -WL48
up to 4 inch mapping (100x100 mm) 
up to 8 inch mapping (200x200 mm)   
2 to 6 inch robotic wafer loading      
4 to 8 inch robotic wafer loading      
over 8 inch mapping or loading Available as special order

 For more detailed information on the various capabilities and configurations that will best suite your needs, please contact us.

2017.01.21: Taiwan Patent Granted

YSystems was awarded patent number I 567377 (APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR MEASURING A LUMINISCENT DECAY) by the Taiwan Patent office. 

2016.06.01: RobotShop Japan Co., Ltd. begins operation!

On June 1st, RobotShop Japan opened its online store of robotic products.  YSystems and RobotShop Inc. (Canada) joined forces to expand the world leading distributor to include Japan as a logistic center!

2015.09.25: Product delivery news (Toshiba Corporate Research & Development Center)


A 200mm measurement area phosphor wafer mapping system, one configuration of our YWafer RD8 lines, has been shipped to the Toshiba Corporate Research & Development Center.  

In order to obtain and map characteristics of these materials, our phosphorencence mapping systems (such as our smaller YB3 and YB4) implement a configuration such as used in typical phosphor-based light sources where blue light is partly transmitted from below the wafer, and yellow light is emitted from the absorbed portion.  (Click here for more information on the measurement method)

The standard configuration of these systems includes CIE parameterization of the total light emitted at several angles, as well as wafer thickness mapping, and features state of the art measurement reproducibility.  Optional interchangeable excitation light sources are also available.  Custom wafer adapaters, or other customization can typically be implemented without compromizing the core features of the RD8.

Please contact us for more details about this product.


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